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We’re having a bundle party 🥳 and you’re invited!

We’re putting together a giant bundle of amazing courses, and we’d love to have you as an affiliate!

This is for you if you want to earn passive income through affiliate sales that are NO BRAINERS and provide SO much value to your audience 💅🏻

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The Soulpreneur Bundle

So how does this all work?

Step 1: submit

Confirm your interest in participating in the bundle at the bottom of this page and provide us access to your contribution to review its uniqueness.

Step 2: register

Once you’re confirmed into the bundle, you’ll receive a link to our affiliate portal where you can register as an affiliate and get your unique link to share.

Step 3: share

Let your audience know all the deets about the bundle by sharing the landing page with your unique link. We’ll provide swipe copy to make this easy peasy!

Step 4: profit

Watch your affiliate commissions roll in and connect with your audience to see their excitement for the incredible value they’ve just received!

The promotional period

The Soulpreneur Bundle will be open for sales from July 11 – 18.

This will be a really exciting time with lots of buzz going around the bundle, and your audience is going to LOVE all of the amazing value they get!

Sales will start on Monday, July 11 at 12:00am EST and end on the following Monday, July 18 at 11:59pm EST. There will also be a 12 hour window for a second chance offer on Thursday, July 21 from 9am-9pm EST – and then it’ll be gone forever!

Purchasers will have until January 31, 2023 to access contributions.

Step by step

How it works for buyers

Step one

Visitors make a purchase through the landing page 💰

If they come from your affiliate link, don’t worry – the life of the cookie is 90 days, so even if they don’t buy right away, are re-targeted from an ad, or even just register for the waitlist, when they come back, you’ll still receive the commission for the sale.

Step two

Purchasers receive their code to access their bundle products 🔐

Immediately after purchasing, an email will be sent containing a link to a page with all of the products in the bundle’s unique access link as well as an access code which they’ll use as a coupon code to get contributions at a zero-cost.

Step three

Each purchaser accesses bundle contributions separately 👩🏼‍💻

From the access page, purchaser can pick and choose which products they’d like (be it one or all of them), then use their unique code to zero out the purchase price from your checkout page. This ensures purchasers are being added to your list because they are interested in what you offer and keeps things GDPR compliant on our end!

To be super duper clear here: you will NOT receive the email addresses of every bundle purchaser – ONLY the ones who access your product.

Step four

Purchasers enjoy and take action on your amazing contribution while you nurture them 💜

Since each purchaser will access your contribution from your checkout page and be added to your list, you can choose to direct them to connect with you on social media, enact a tripwire to increase your bundle revenue, and/or put them into a sequence where they can be nurtured into booking a discovery call, accessing your free training with a pitch to a higher cost product, or simply love on them until they’re ready to work with you in an impactful way!

Sounding good so far?

Here’s what we’ll need from you

So this all sounds great, but what kind of work does it require of you? Let’s chat about it! Our goal is to make this as easy as humanly possible so we can all sit back, relax, and provide great value while growing our businesses.

1. Your interest form 📝

Submit the form at the bottom of this page to raise you hand and “YES, I want to be involved!” My team and I will receive your affiliate application, and if it seems like a great fit, we’ll get back with you within a week.

What makes a great fit? We’re specifically looking for people whose audience is really well-matched to The Soulpreneur Bundle – meaning having an audience comprised of business owners (or who are becoming business owners) who are soul-led or spiritual and desire alignment in their business. Having a well-matched audience is more important than audience size, but we would consider taking an affiliate whose audience is broader if they have a bigger, engaged audience. We’re also looking for people who are genuinely excited to share the bundle with their audience and be a part of the bundle hype… rather than just looking to make easy cash. (Because it IS very easy to make with this bundle!)

2. Your registration 🖥

Once you’re accepted as an affiliate, you’ll be sent a link to our bundle portal where you can get swipe copy, more information, and most importantly, where you will be able to register as an affiliate!

4. Promotion 🎉

The power of an online bundle comes from a group of experts coming together for a single cause to provide loads of value. The joint promotion that happens because of that is a huge benefit to everyone involved.

Because of that, we ask that all contributors to promote to their mailing lists and social channels during the cart open period (July 11-18). This could be as simple as sending one email and posting once, or going all in to promote every day – it’s up to you! (But the more you promote, the more $$ you’ll make 😉) To be clear, in order to contribute to the bundle, promotion IS required, so if you have another launch which coincides with the promo period, you’ll want to wait until next time!

You’ll share about the bundle by using your affiliate link, which you will be able to set up through the Bundle Contributor Portal after you are confirmed, so you can get in on the 70% commission that will come from sales referred by you!

Swipe copy and graphics will be provided as well, so this will be super simple to outsource to a VA or get scheduled in advance and not have to worry about it!

Affiliate commission details

While bundles are great for overall visibility and making new connections, a little extra moolah never hurts either, right?

That’s exactly why we’ve set up an affiliate program for The Soulpreneur Bundle where you’ll receive a commission from all sales from traffic you refer. The cookie attached to your affiliate link will be considerably longer than the promotional period, so you will get credit for the sale even if they leave and come back to purchase later.

The commission structure for affiliates is 50%. The bundle will be sold for $111 USD, so each affiliate sale will amount to $55.50 USD.

You will be able to track your affiliate sales through an affiliate dashboard, but we will also send confirmation of your total affiliate payout or before Monday, August 1, 2022 which will provide transparency around all payouts as well as give you your total amount owed. At that point, you will be asked to invoice us (cannot be through PayPal), and that invoice will be paid within one week. Any payouts larger than $10,000 USD will have the option for wire transfer.

You’ve got questions?

We’ve got answers!

Who can participate as an affiliate?

Anyone whose audience includes soul-driven business owners.

How much money will I earn?

We are not able to say definitively.

The affiliate commission for contributors is 70%, so those with large, engaged followings or email lists have the capacity for serious earning potential, and those with smaller followings stand to potentially earn considerably more than they usually would.

In the past, our average affiliate commission payout was ~$1,000. We do also provide contributors with ideas for how to incentivising purchasing with their affiliate link, making additional money with a tripwire, unique promotion ideas, etc, which past contributors have noted have been helpful!

How will I know how much I've sold?

We use affiliate tracking software, and when you register as an affiliate, you will be provided with a username and password where you can log in at any time to view your sale statistics.

Is there a minimum audience size requirement to be considered?

There is not! We ask for it on the form below because it helps us have some measurement with which to forecast sales.

We hope to include many high quality courses created by business owners with smaller audiences to help boost your biz as you list build, which we can support by including high quality courses created by business owners with larger audiences to draw from!

Could I be a contributor rather than an affiliate?

Sure thing! To find out more about becoming a contributor, click here.

Cool! How can I get involved?

Fantastic! Complete the form below to start the process, and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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