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Whether you’ve just started making sales or are making $1,000,000+ … hi, friend. You’re in the right place.


I synergise soul and strategy to help conscious, visionary leaders like you to manifest your soul’s purpose through scaling an aligned, life changing business.


Grab your sparkling water (or champagne, no judgement here) and let’s make big things happen.

souled out mastermind

Souled Out™ Mastermind

Where conscious + spiritual online entrepreneurs turn their magic into wealth

My 6 month mastermind designed for leaders who want to scale their business in mindful integrity while deepening their alignment and rooting their business in their truest energetic self. An expansive, uplevelling experience that leverages the power of energy and strategy. Perfect for established entrepreneurs generating at least $3k-$10k cash months.

souled out selling

Souled Out™ Selling

Developing a sales process that feels good

You’ve made sales in your business, but you’ve got the feeling there could be a better way – a way that feels truer to you. Souled Out Selling builds a sustainable sales foundation that is Intentional, Sustainable, Scalable™ while integrating energetics and Human Design. This container is not about how to sell but rather about developing an aligned sales process, so it is perfect for business owners at any level, but may not be the best choice for brand new business owners.

souled out selling

Visionary Mentorship

Private mentorship for conscious, soulful leaders

My most exclusive, expansive year-long business mentorship container for big-hearted women scaling all the way to the top and all the way to alignment. Featuring unlimited coaching, personalised support, two luxurious in-person VIP weekends per year, and an all-access pass to any of my programs, the Visionary Mentorship is for the leader who craves energetic integrity in their business and a mentor who understands how to guide them to their soul’s purpose.

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Spaces extremely limited. Only 1 spot remains for 2022. $50,000/year.