It’s time to meet your next level

Are you ready to hit the road and work with me for two days to completely realign and reinvigourate your business?

During our soul + strategy vip Experience, we will: 

🖤 Take in the sights in either Detroit, NYC, or Los Angeles, allowing the inspiration to flow around us as we discuss your big vision, dreams, and goals for your business and life

🖤 Dive deep into your Human Design (SOUL), rooting into your authentic power and alignment, in order to energetically integrate your highest purpose and truest self into your business

🖤 Dig into your business model (STRATEGY), what’s working, and what’s not in order to make powerful tweaks to help you embrace your inner visionary CEO and make your business work for your lifestyle goals

It’s going to be two potent, magical days of alignment.

No more generic, copy-and-paste advise.

Learn how to actually leverage your Human Design to make more $$ and feel hella aligned in your business

Let’s go on a journey that lights you up in a place that activates you.


Explore my hometown! Let me show you some Motor City hospitality that has a little bit of everything: the typical big city vibe downtown, a peaceful nature oasis on Belle Isle, the collegiate hispter scene in Midtown, or old world sophistication in Indian Village.

Los angeles

If the warm sun and salty air are calling your name, we can head to California, where life moves a bit slower. We can vibe it out in West Hollywood, say namaste on the beach in Venice, or even head up toward wine country in Santa Barbara.

New York City

My second home! If you’re lit up by electricity of a city that never sleeps, the Big Apple it is. We can stay in the charming affluence of the West Village, retreat within Central Park, catch a Broadway show, and everything in between. P.S. I know the best bagel spot on earth 😉

What does a Soul + Strategy VIP Experience look like?

Prior to your VIP Experience, I’ll send over two questionairres for you to fill out which will give me a better idea of how to make your experience truly VIP.

One will be for your business: it will give me an overview of your business model, customer journey, your ideal client, products offered, what’s working / not working, etc.

The other will be for your travel and dining preferences: things like dietary needs, alcohol preferences (or lack there of), learning preferences, mobility needs, etc – to ensure you are comfortable and well cared for during our time together!

Pre-vip day

Night before

Plan to fly or drive in in order to arrive in the late afternoon or evening. You’ll get settled into your hotel or Airbnb and have dinner on your own. If you’d like to explore, I’m happy to make recommendations of things to do or see, otherwise you can chill and prepare for our day ahead!

✅ Included: Hotel or Airbnb rental

❎ Not included: Transportation or car rental, parking, dinner, flight

Vip day one


I’ll meet you at 9am for breakfast, then we’ll set out to walk and talk, with some passive exploration of the city but the primary objective of hearing your big vision, your passions for your business, what’s feeling unaligned, and what you want to accomplish in the short- and long-terms. We’ll end the morning by arriving at our workspace.

✅ Included: Breakfast

❎ Not included: N/A

Vip day one


We’ll plan to settle into our workspace by 11am or so and spend 60-90 minutes doing a needs assessment of your business before breaking for lunch 12:30-2pm. After, we’ll transition into a deep dive into your Human Design chart, looking at your energetic power, how to remove conditioning, and more. We’ll break from 4-6:30pm to recharge.

✅ Included: Lunch and any snacks

❎ Not included: Transportation

VIP day one


We’ll reconnect in the evening for a celebratory dinner where we can chat about life and get to know one another better, or continue talking big dreams (or both!). The rest of the evening will be informed by your personal preferences.

✅ Included: Hotel or Airbnb rental, dinner, drinks

❎ Not included: Transportation, shopping, or other expenses out

Vip day two


You’ll check out, then meet me at 9am for breakfast, where we can grab a bite on the go back to our workspace, or sit down to work and eat. Either way, we’ll dive into starting to create a strategically aligned plan based on our chats during Day One. We’ll break briefly to walk and talk, then finish our strategic plan before you head to the airport.

✅ Included: Breakfast and late morning snack

❎ Not included: Transportation

After the VIP day

Follow Up

After our VIP Days, I’m not going to leave you hanging! We’ll schedule TWO separate 30 minute follow up Zoom calls; one that’s roughly a week after and one that’s a month after.

These follow up calls will be a chance for us to tweak the strategy we created, and it will also be an opportunity for you to reflect on your Human Design so I can make suggestions for deeper integration or action steps.

The cost of your VIP Experience:

Detroit: $6,000+ • NYC or LA: $8,000+



Mini brand photoshoot • 1:1 coaching calls before and/or after • Extended experience

What is Human Design?

from Jovian Archive

“The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding.

With Human Design, you discover what makes you different from everyone else. It offers profound insights into your psychology, along with strategies and techniques for making correct decisions and ultimately leading to a life of more ease and fulfillment.

It is not built on belief or faith but is a logical, empirical system that offers you the opportunity to experiment with its mechanics and find out if it works for you.

Once you start experimenting with the knowledge, you may experience changes in your perspective. Over time, this helps you learn what brings fulfillment. Everyone has a Signature — peace, satisfaction, success or surprise—that comes when they are living in accordance with their true nature. A lessening of resistance in the form of anger, frustration, bitterness or disappointment is the end result.”

You’ve got questions?

I’ve got answers.
Will your dog, Toby, be with us?

Toby is a service animal (he alerts me when my blood sugar gets too low) and as such, he comes everywhere with me. If you have a significant fear or allergy of dogs, I’m happy to look into making alternate arrangements for him, but this is something I will need to prepare for and must know well in advance. 

So you know: Toby is a large lab / boxer mix (115 lbs). He looks small in photos but in person, he is definitely intimidating – in looks only, though! Toby is a big baby and cuddly lap dog. I have intentionally allowed him to remain social (meaning even when he’s “working,” I allow people to pet him), and because of this, he loves people. Like… he want to be BEST FRIENDS with everyone. He already assumes you are his best friend 😉 

Toby’s vibe is super chill. He’ll probably be a little hyper when you first meet, and that’ll wear off shortly, then he’ll probably just go to sleep. That’s definitely how he rolls.

Regardless, I will mention Toby on our connection call so everyone is on the same page and comfortable!

Are payment plans available?

Yes, I offer the options of splitting your payment into either 2 or 3 monthly payments. Please keep in mind that we will not reserve your dates until your balance is 50% or more paid, and all payments are non-refundable.

Can we go somewhere other than the cities listed?

Sure, let’s chat about it! My only requirement is that I must have already visited the city we choose if it’s a larger city (trust me, that opens up a LOT of possibilities) or it must be a small, easy to navigate town. I do this to ensure I am the best host possible!

Going to a different country could be possible, too, particularly Paris as I’ve spent extended time there. I’m a real travel junkie, so I’m super open!

Could my biz partner or biz bestie come for a joint experience?

I’d be happy to discuss that possibility, sure! Let me know what you’re thinking, and we can discuss a custom solution!

What if my spouse / partner wants to tag along?

They are more than welcome! If they’re coming, I’m going to assume they’ll be doing their own thing while we do ours, meaning they will not be joining for work sessions or coming for meals – although I would be happy for them to join us for dinner 🙂

How planned is our agenda?

My style is this: have a rough plan, adjust for what feels good in the moment.

One of the questions I’ll be asking you on one of your pre-VIP Experience questionairres is what YOUR style is… because I’m very chill with whatever makes you happiest.

If you feel most comfortable with everything planned to the nth degree, I will give you a written schedule with every step of the experience pre-planned, mapped, and noted down to minute mark – and set timers to keep on track. 

If you feel most expansive in flying by the seat of your pants, then I’ll make sure we hit the key points but we’ll just roll with it. 

If you’re somewhere in between, more like me, we’ll make sure we’ve got an agenda but remain open to where the day leads.

Is this safe?

I am acutely aware of safety and have watched probably one too many true crime documentaries, and as such, will have strict rules around our time together, for both of our sakes. 

First, if you prefer to stay in a home, I extensively read reviews on Airbnb or VRBO and a host that I cannot vet will NOT be one you stay with, period.

Second, we will never be alone together. This is definitely as much for my own safety as it is yours and is a non-negotiable unless we have known each other quite some time. 

If you have any additional safety concerns, please do not hesitate to address them with me!

adriane galea marketing alchemist

Hellooooo my friend!

I’m a 5/1 Self Projected Projector, and I spent a lot of my life living in the conditioning of my undefined head and heart centres (for me, this looked like “using my head” and not honouring my worth way too often). When I found Human Design, it was an awakening that set my soul on fire.

And now I help others have that same awakening.

I can’t wait to work with you on understanding your own energetic alignment and unlock all that that can give to you to create more freedom, ease, clarity, and profit in your business.

I’ll see ya soon!


Adriane Galea

Energetic biz coach + marketing alchemist

Ready to activate your alignment while creating more ease, more revenue, and more impact in your business?