Terms + Conditions

Profit Accelerator – Standard Product

The client is entering into the Profit Accelerator coaching experience with Adriane Galea of Beach Bum CEO LLC for a period of 6 months. The group coaching experience is comprised of the following:

  • 12 Live Group Coaching Sessions with Adriane Galea (happening twice monthly & hosted over Zoom)

*Replays to each call will be made available in case the client cannot join live.
*Access to call replays is unlimited.
*Questions can be submitted in advance if the client cannot join live. 

  • Monthly guest expert trainings
  • Unlimited access to replays of all past and future guest expert trainings
  • Unlimited access to Profit Accelerator self-study curriculum and all future updates
  • Unlimited access to Profit Accelerator Facebook community *see access terms below*
  • High Ticket Sales Queen program
  • Propelle™ funnel and product suite training
  • Foundations of Human Design workshop
  • Manifesting by Design training

Payment Terms and Agreements

  • When the client enrolls in Profit Accelerator, their payment is final and gives them access to Profit Accelerator as described above, starting on the date of their first payment. If a payment plan was chosen instead of paying in full, the client is legally responsible to pay the full amount in 6 monthly installments from the first day of purchasing.
      • If for any reason a payment is outstanding, the client will immediately be removed from the coaching experience and will not gain access to any past or future assets until the outstanding payment is received.
  • Beach Bum CEO LLC is not responsible if the client misses out on the live element of the coaching experience due to late payments.
  • All payments for Profit Accelerator are non-refundable and non-transferable. There are no exceptions. Once the client joins, they are committing to the entire program experience.

Access Terms

  • Access to Profit Accelerator materials will start being granted on the start date which client submits initial payment.
  • Access to the Facebook community will be granted within 48 hours of client requesting to join. Client will retain access to the Facebook community will remain for the lifetime of the community.
    • Client must provide the email address used when enrolling into Profit Accelerator when prompted upon requesting access in order to be admitted into the Facebook community. Beach Bum CEO LLC is not responsible if the client does not provide an email address or provides the wrong email address and is thus not granted access to the Facebook community.
    • Please be advised that for confidentiality reasons, anything shared in the Facebook community must remain in the Facebook community. No information is to be shared with anyone outside the Profit Accelerator group.
  • The client will receive unlimited access to the Profit Accelerator pre-recorded learning videos as well as any future updates.  
  • The Profit Acceletor program is 100% online. 
  • Any other materials not listed above, that are added throughout the coaching experience as extra content are bonus add-ons and can be taken away without notice.
  • Occasionally, unknown or technical reasons may result in a delay in clients being able to get materials. In this case, know that everything promised above *will* ultimately be delivered. Beach Bum CEO LLC will make all reasonable endeavours to resolve any technical or unknown issues as quickly as possible.
  • The client is solely responsible for ensuring that they have sufficient and compatible hardware, software, telecommunications equipment, and internet service necessary for all group calls and course materials.

Time Commitment Terms

  • ​​The Profit Accelerator group meets twice per month online (for the coaching Zoom call). Additionally, Beach Bum CEO LLC asks that the client has sufficient time to go through the program weekly, as well as sufficient time each week to dedicate to building their business and practise revenue-generating activities. 
  • When it comes to the amount of time the client puts into their own business, remember, the client cannot expect to generate revenue without energy and effort over an extended amount of time. 

Limitations and Notes

  • There is no cap on the number of people that can be invited to Profit Accelerator. 

Other Terms

  • Testimonial results on all marketing materials for Profit Accelerator are individual to each person, due to the fact that everyone has different businesses, audiences, situations, and work ethics. Due to this, Beach Bum CEO LLC cannot guarantee the same results.
  • Customer Service will only be available to the clients who purchase the mastermind from Beach Bum CEO LLC (not from unauthorized websites). All customer service questions should be sent to hello@adrianegalea.com. Hello@adrianegalea.com is the only place where questions should be directed as Beach Bum CEO LLC cannot promise answers when sent somewhere else.
  • The client agrees not to copy, use, disclose, or distribute any Proprietary Information from Profit Accelerator in their present or future products or offerings without Beach Bum CEO LLC’s prior written permission. 
  • All items purchased are for the sole use of the registered client. The registered client undertakes not to copy, distribute, share or otherwise broadcast any items included in Profit Accelerator from Beach Bum CEO LLC with anyone including team members or business partners not also registered in the Profit Accelerator program. 

Privacy Terms

  • As part of the purchasing process, all clients must provide a valid email address where they’ll be sent all communications.  It is the responsibility of the registered client to keep the contact details up-to-date.
  • It is the responsibility of the registered client to ensure that every effort is made to keep the program details secure and not to disclose them to anyone including team members or business partners not also registered in the Profit Accelerator program. Information cannot be transferred and registered clients must not permit, either directly or indirectly, anyone other than themselves to use their personal information to gain access to any part of the Profit Accelerator program.

For More Information

  • Beach Bum CEO LLC is always looking for ways to improve its programs and welcomes any feedback. If the launcher would like to provide feedback or file a complaint, please email hello@adrianegalea.com. Grievances are taken very seriously and will be addressed in a timely and thoughtful manner. Hello@adrianegalea.com is the only place where comments or concerns should be directed as Beach Bum CEO LLC cannot promise answers when sent somewhere else.

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