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the money code

Are you ready to recode your relationship with money?

When you master your energy, the world starts to completely shift around you, and that’s what The Money Code is designed to do.

I firmly believe that every person on this earth was born to be abundant and wealthy – and I want to help you claim that truth for yourself.

Having the things you desire when you desire them.

Being able to spend freely because more is always on the way.

Being a magnet to money because you are worthy of receving more.

This is a reality you can live in. If you’re ready to move into the frequency of freedom, I invite you to crack The Money Code, kicking off mid-January.

The investment for The Money Code is $555 $488 through January 16 at 10pm EST

I’m showing you how to not just make money, but to KEEP it.

Back in 2019, I remember being terrified of how I was going to pay for parking for a week for an event I was working even though they were going to reimburse me for it. (This was while running an extremely successful business, btw.) We’re talking maybe $25-30. But I was worried how spending that money would affect other things like paying my car note or my cell phone bill or buying groceries.

It didn’t matter that I was making decent money because I could never hold onto it. And that kept me in a space of fear and lack.

Fast forward, and I can say with full confidence that money supports me and more is on the way.

Being excited to open my bank apps is my new normal.

Staying in 5 star hotel suites is my new normal.

Keeping money and building wealth is my new normal.

In The Money Code, we’re going through an expansive process of re-writing your relationship and story around money to create your new normal. 

And know that the way I teach money mindset is logical. If all it took to call money into your life was writing “I am abundant” 33 times in a journal every day or setting crystals while visualising that you’re shopping for Chanel or doing your daily “richuals,” we’d all be millionaires.

The problem is if your logical mind doesn’t believe it, it can’t be your reality.

So how can we get the logical mind on board so that reality can start to be created? Inside of The Money Code, we’re going to be covering:



Everything is energy. The same energy that composes your body is also what makes up money (and your car, your house, your wallet, etc). This is literally science. We’re going to shift your energy around money to a higher vibration that leaves you open to receiving.



We’re going to examine your current beliefs around money and shift them. (I guarantee you have a bunch of beliefs you probably aren’t even aware exist.) Once we identify them, we can make the choice to keep the ones that help and shift the ones that keep us from having more.



After we understand that money is energy, we’ll play with the frequency of that energy. (Again, science!) Then we’ll play with moving that frequency faster. Then we’ll play with moving the frequency of abundance, freedom, wealth, and more. Shifting frequency = power.



We’re going to play in the realm of possibility. Being wealthy (whatever that means to you) is not impossible. Having everything you desire is not impossible. Once you believe it’s not impossible, you can believe it’s possible, and those possibilities can change your world.