Visionary Mentorship

For the changemakers, the seers, the conscious leaders, and the magic makers who are ready to change the world by physically manifesting their soul’s purpose.

Private mentorship is reserved for the big-hearted leader who craves an expansive, highly personalised experience to get to their next level.

Private mentorship is for you if…

πŸ’– You intuitively know that working with a mentor privately rather than in a group setting will be best for you

πŸ’– You believe that living your purpose through your business is about a combination of soul and strategy – and you want a mentor who can expand you in both areas

πŸ’– You desire a mentor who can help you operate your business in your truest alignment while deconditioning the patriarchal business practises that you know do not serve you as a more conscious leader

πŸ’– You’re ready to do the deep mindset work that you know will make all the difference to your expansion

πŸ’– You do not want cookie cutter advise or to be told what to do – instead, you want guidance and reflection on how to amplify your magic to scale your business your way

Love Notes

Alexandra signed a $100k pay in full client within two months

Adriane has a way of seeing exactly what’s in your head before you can articulate it yourself but also seeing what on your heart. After two months of working together, Adriane helped me close a client who paid $100k cash in full. I hired Adriane very quickly after first becoming aware of her because she is refreshingly transparent.Β And while I came to Adriane specifically to help me generate more revenue, what I got was a lot more than that. I got someone who I could talk to like a friend, a coach who was genuinely invested in helping me personally succeed, and a way better understanding of what the bigger picture of my business can be.


Leadership Coach

Emma understands her energy + alignment

Through working with Adriane, I have a deeper understanding of how my energy works and what is right for me and not right for me and my business. I have tools to let go of how I’m being influenced and really make sure I’m moving from the right space toward what I want. I have a better understanding of energetically what’s mine and not mine to be able to make the right decisions, do what feels good, and just feel more confident in myself and what’s right for me. I also have deeper understanding of how my sacral works and what alignment actually looks like for me. I have more confidence, I feel like I am better able to back myself, and get back on course.


Manifestation + Business Coach

Alyssa is on track to do $10 million in revenue in a way that feels good

When I came to work with Adriane, I had built a $5 million dollar per year online swimwear brand and wasn’t happy with where I was at but had no idea what I wanted next. So I started working with Adriane at the recommendation of my CFO. With Adriane’s guidance, I have complete clarity on the vision for my business that is in alignment with the vision I have for my life, and I know the steps I need to take to get there. I feel so much lighter and happier in how I show up in my business and for my team. I’m very excited to say that I understand my next steps and have complete confidence I’ll at least double my company’s revenue and even more excited that I’ll have fun doing it!


Swimwear designer

Please note that for privacy reasons, I have used stock photos and changed the name of certain clients at their request.

Superpowers at a glance

Energetic balance

I am highly logical and strategically-minded – and this has allowed me to scale multiple businesses, both online and in the brick and mortar world.

But I have also done extensive work on my energetic balance, work to decondition, and work to heal. As such, I am also uniquely able to guide clients to their own energetic alignment and balance the structure and flow of their businesses, guided by ease, intention, and sustainability.

leadership development

My soul’s purpose is to lead through emotional vision (left angle cross of the alpha 2), and as such, I deeply understand leadership.

From a practical perspective, I have worked in corporate leadership development, but I now prefer to use a higher vibrational, more healed set of tools to help leaders step into their fully expressed vision and purpose.

big visioning

I can see the fragments of what’s in your head and help you speak them into existence. I know how to see the bigger picture and give clarity to your ideas.


From a traditional marketing standpoint, messaging is my bread and butter. I can help you articulate how to communicate with your most soul aligned client in a way that is authentic to you and your values.

Highly creative

From starting piano as a 2 year old to decades of teaching music and acting, I have developed a unique sense for creative problem solving, creative visioning, and creative approaches to business.

Emotional intelligence

I am highly compassionate and can hold space hold space to work through your limiting thought patterns without judgement while expanding your mindset.

Visionary Mentorship

Initial term: 3 months, then 12 months commitment


My belief is that the client/mentor relationship will thrive in a long-term commitment, where I can get to know you and your business deeply and fully. I also believe it takes time to get to know one another, and I’ve learned not to put pressure on making a big, long commitment without knowing it’s fully aligned through more than just an application or a simple conversation.

Because of this, I’ve implemented a 3 month long “getting to know you” period that acts as time where we can get to know one another to ensure we’re well-matched before making a longer-term committment. This also allows flexibility for clients who desire short-term support to work on something specific.

Don’t get me wrong – those first three months are going to be EXPANSIVE where I will show up fully for you and your goals. This is simply a way for me to honour my own energetic integrity while still serving you 110%.

After three months of our initial work, we will mutually decide whether moving into the longer-term mentorship relationship is the aligned next step. It is important to me that we both decide this together, as we will be investing quite a lot of time and energy into each other.

With a full year mentorship term, you can expect a true partner in your vision.

Private mentorship is reserved for a strict maxiumum of three clients per year.

Unlimited calls

When you need to Zoom, we’ll Zoom. When you need to voice note, we’ll Vox. When you need to chat, you’ll have an actual phone number to call or text. It’s simple: you get what you need when you need it.

Unlimited access

You will have full and complete access to anything in my product suite that you feel would serve you. You also get complimentary access to any group programs or mastermind that you’d like to join.

VIP mastermind vacation*

Designed to refresh and recharge, we’ll pick a location that feels expansive and head out for several days of luxury, self care, and big visioning for your soul aligned life and biz twice per year.

Private mentorship investment


with pay in full discounts available


*Mastermind vacations reserved for private clients in a 12 month committment