the magnetic launch

ready to have your first 5+ figure launch?

how would it feel to have a proven launch system to generate more sales than ever before?

adriane high ticket accelerator

What if you had all of the knowledge, strategies, and tools to completely sell out your launch?

And what if you could finally celebrate your first 5 figure launch?

With The Magnetic Launch, you totally can.


💕 Having a solid, proven, step-by-step launch process which allows you to sell spots early and will generate recurring revenue for months to come

💕 Getting through an entire launch without being stressed, overwhelmed, or feeling like you’re just winging it

💕 Waking up every day to new payment notifications from soulmate clients who are PUMPED to learn from you

💕 Knowing what to do during each phase of your launch to lead buyers to the sale without relying on sleazy sales tactics

💕 Feeling energetically aligned with what you’re launching and your launch strategy, leading you to have a launch that’s magnetic 🧲

allow me to introduce…

the magnetic launch mockup

Your ultimate launching system so that you can have your first (or next) 5+ figure launch in 90 days.

nice to meet you, i’m adriane!

adriane galea marketing alchemist

I’ve had some major FAILS when it comes to launching.

My first launch made $37. The next one made marginally more. So trust me when I say that I FEEL YOU if you’re on the launching struggle bus 🚌

 Over time, I’ve invested in my knowledge, and created my own strategies for launching that have led me and my clients to having multiple 5 figure launches – and I realised I NEED to share this with the world.

The Magnetic Launch is a 20-week program designed to walk you through your launch step-by-step, week-by-week

There’s no 

six figure energy

Imposter syndrome or analysis paralysis got you down? We’ve got mindset hacks to help you show up in your authentic energy (which will make you and your biz a MAGNET).

Selling is also about energy, and here’s where Propelle™ really shines. Some business programs teach strategy, some programs teach energy, but Propelle™ teaches both. Not only does it teach both, but it meets you where you’re at and tailors your business journey to fill in the blanks you might not even realise you need.

And once you understand energetics in the sales process, you and your offers become magnetised. To be clear, this means people will naturally be drawn to you and selling will suddenly be easy. It’s kind of like magic.

six figure clarity 

When you’re not sure, your clients won’t be either. But Propelle™ will help you get crystal clear on the value you offer. 

Not sure where to start? Not sure what to offer? Not sure how to put into words how your program is valuable? We’ve got this covered. 

Learning to articulate your value and speak to your people in a way that they also have clarity on exactly what you have to offer them and why they should pay you is a skill, and we’re going to work to make you masters of that craft – so that your future clients are like TAKE MY MONEY 💅🏻

six figure community

You’re invited to come meet your new biz besties, where you’ll be surrounded by like-minded, high achieving women who are ready to celebrate you at every turn (and every sale).

You can take this journey alone, but it’s so much more fun when you have a community cheering you on, who can also support your journey, provide you with accountability, and so much more.

six figure support

Ready for world-class support from someone who actually knows what it takes to scale a business from a tiny bedroom in her grandma’s house to globally recognised, high 6-figure brand. (That would be Adriane Galea, be-tee-dubs.)

Okay friend, here’s the thing. You can DIY anything, including your business. There’s no doubt that you could figure this on your own. But when you have the support of someone who’s been there, done that, and can lay it out for you step-by-step, your learning curve goes WAY down. That’s what Adriane is here for – to give you more than 20 years of entrepreneurial knowledge and know how so can build your dream biz in a few months (or less) rather than a few years.

adriane galea testimonial
adriane galea testimonial

what’s included in the propelle™ learning framework?


Lessons include:

  • Six figure mindset
  • Energy in sales
  • Masculine + feminine selling
  • Developing your business by design
  • Mapping your product suite

PHASE 2: strategise

Lessons include:

  • BFFs with your ICA (aka market research)
  • Developing your Profitable Promise
  • Creating irresistible offers
  • Pricing your programs
  • Basics of collecting payments + legal

PHASE 3: setup

Lessons include:

  • Understanding funnel basics
  • Get paid to create your programs
  • Mapping your programs
  • Understanding launching basics
  • The “heck yes” webinar formula
  • Creating a killer registration page
  • Creating a killer sales page 

PHASE 4: Systemise

Lessons include:

  • Automating your email processes
  • Create an evergreen sales machine
  • Develop social media authority
  • Creating content that converts
  • Leverage testimonials
  • Sales calls processes + booking
  • Handling sales objectives (this one’s gold yall)

PHASE 5: Shift

Lessons include:

  • Hiring basics + building a team
  • Mapping your sales processes
  • Develop quarterly and annual sales plans
  • Energetics of selling
  • Approaching selling as a service
  • Manifesting your dream life + biz

PHASE 6: scale

Lessons include:

  • How to scale with your superpowers
  • Growing your Facebook group
  • Podcasting + guest podcasting
  • Finding profitable partners
  • Selling in the DMs
  • Leverage video via lives + YouTube
  • Growing with a digital summit
  • Using Facebook + Instagram ads

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plus you also get…

adriane propelle coaching calls

Private + Group Coaching


6 months of monthly 1:1 coaching calls with Adriane

Adriane is committed to your success and will work with you privately each month (a total of 6 times) to accelerate your business growth. Together, you will dive into the strategy and mindset that will allow you to rapidly expand as an entrepreneur.

PLUS you’ll get an extra 1:1 onboarding call after joining where Adriane will dive into understanding your lifestyle goals so she can better help you tailor your offers to the life you want to build as well as do your Human Design reading to understand your energetic makeup and build strategies which are in full alignment with your most authentic self.


6 months of biweekly 1.5 hour group coaching calls

Because this program is designed to be high touch and offer high support, you’ll get direct access to Adriane to ask questions, experience major breakthroughs, and get actionable strategies as you scale to 5+ figure months. 

Our calls are joyful, relaxed, and supportive, while also pushing you to take imperfect action to make moves in your biz. Adriane makes sure every person on the call is heard, understands their next steps, and feels good about how to move forward.

And our calls are ‘need to,’ ‘have to,’ and ‘should’-free zone. There is virtually nothing you MUST to in order to be successful, and Adriane promises to help you remove those words from you vocabulary as you step into the next level leader designing a business based on what you WANT, not what you feel like you NEED to be doing.


6 months of group Voxer access

Voxer support will give you additional support on the go and in between coaching calls, so you’re never far from receiving the answers and guidance you need to move forward.


adriane propelle coaching calls

Guest Expert Strategy Sessions

Monthly calls with experts from around the world

Adriane often says she is a jack of all trades and master of some – so she has tapped into her biz besties who happen to be freaking brilliant at what they do to bring you unmatched support as you scale your business. You’ll get direct access to these experts on Zoom, where they will present a strategy session followed up by Q+A.

adriane propelle framework

Lifetime access to the Framework

Access strategy derived from years of biz experience over 35+ lessons 

Propelle™ is a group coaching program, but it’s a course hybrid, and there is plenty of self study content to help you absolutely SKYROCKET your business growth. The best part? The content is designed both to start where you’re currently AND teaches you how to scale based on your superpowers – so you feel completely aligned and operate fully in your power! 

Please note that as Propelle™ is in its early phases of inception, some content is not yet built out, but you will have everything you need when you need it! And you’ll have lifetime access to ALL of the learning portal content!  

BONUS Framework

Also get lifetime access to Profit Accelerator, a 7 module system to help you quickly build out to 4 figure months while understanding the foundations of becoming an online business owner.

Lifetime access to the Propelle™ Community

You’re invited to come hang out with your new biz besties

Access additional support from Adriane five days per week (set those boundaries gurrrrl) to get all of your burning questions answered. This is not one of those program communities where the head honcho rarely engages. Nope – Adriane is committed to doing deep dives and video feedback so you are fully and completely supported on the daily. Plus you can gain access to accountability parters and lift each other up and your businesses grow together!

Ready to join us?

If you want a business that gives you financial and lifestyle freedom, then it’s time to make an investment in your future! You are officially invited to PROPELLE™ your business!