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the path to $5-10k months with ONE high ticket offer for heart-centred coaches, consultants, and service entrepreneurs

You, my entrepreneurial friend, are meant for more than the monotony of a 9 to 5 lifestyle.

(But you already know that, don’t you?)

A corner office, a 5% pay bump, or a “VP” title might be #careergoals for some… But not you.

Because you want something more: you want freedom.

Freedom to wake up & have the time to do whatever you feel called to do that day. (New project? Spa? Family movie night?)

Freedom to earn what you want & actually enjoy how you make your money. (Screw the 5% raise. You’re worth 500%.)

Freedom to travel wherever you want, whenever you want, in whatever class you want. (Coin toss: Bali or Italy? … or both?)

You’re ready to make entrepreneurship your ticket to that bigger, freer life. 

You have ideas. You have determination. And you’re ready to put in the work to make your business thrive. 

But how do you make it happen? 

And — more importantly — how do you do it in a way that feels aligned to you?

Profit Accelerator gives you clarity on how to build your business that’s aligned and hella profitable

let me introduce you to…

propelle digital learning programs courses coaches

Profit Accelerator helps you cut through any “What do I do now?” confusion by simplifying everything about your business… even how you think about it. 

It’s a 6 month program combining group coaching & coursework to give new-ish entrepreneurs (i.e. inconsistent $3K/month or less) total clarity:

Clarity on where to begin so you can start moving in the right direction

Clarity on creating & pricing an offer your prospects actually need and want

Clarity on where to find clients and how to nurture & sell to them (without pressure)

Clarity on how to create structure & processes that feel aligned & authentic

Clarity on how to grow an Intentional, Sustainable, Scalable™ business that’s profitable — and do it quickly

Clarity on how to spend less time working while earning more money (yes, it’s possible!)

Profit Accelerator isn’t another rigid “do this” system that forces you to do everything a certain way — even if it doesn’t feel good.

It’s a “How do YOU want to do this?” program for heart-centred online coaches + service providers. 

There are no sleazy bro-marketing tactics or dismissive “just trust the process” woo mantras here.

Profit Accelerator helps you grow your business in a way that feels aligned & authentic by finding the delicate balance between strategy and mindset that works best for YOU.

Who is Profit Accelerator right for?

Wellness coach

SM manager

Health coach

Career coach

Life coach

Podcast manager

Wellness coach


Brand designer

Mindset coach


Systems expert

Virtual assistant



PR consultant

Sales consultant

Life coach

Ads manager

Content writer

Graphic designer

Parenting coach

Self love coach

Spiritual coach

…just to name a few!

Imagine how much you’d love your business if…

You finally had clarity on how to run it in a way that feels “right” (a.k.a. totally intuitive and aligned with your personality & strengths)

You had an easily repeatable process to attract your ideal clients and create & structure offers they adore (and totally need!)

You felt confident that you were moving in the right direction and stopped second guessing what your next step should be

You knew exactly how to price your offers & how to communicate their value effortlessly without feeling “sales-y”

Making sales felt easy, non-pushy, & 100% authentic — and you closed at a higher rate

Your business felt simple, fun, and gave you time to go enjoy the things in life that really matter to you

If you said “heck yes” to at least 3 of those, Profit Accelerator is for you.

How would it feel to…

Fully replace your income and be able to quit your job within two months?

adriane galea testimonial

Sign a client just from doing a market research call? (And having your partner get on board with your biz?)

adriane galea testimonial

Generate $8400 in cash and have a $20k launch… your FIRST time launching?

adriane galea testimonial

What our clients are saying…

What does lifetime access to the Profit Accelerator framework look like?

PHASE 1: Prepare

Lessons include:

    • Activating your mindset
    • Manifesting your dream business
    • Intro to Human Design
    • Employee vs CEO mindset
    • Understanding what makes YOU profitable
    • What you need and don’t need to get started
    • Identifying your soulmate clients

    …and many more

    PHASE 2: position

    Lessons include:

    • Validating your offer
    • Creating your offer
    • Clarifying your offer
    • Mindset and your offer
    • Beta selling (aka sell before you’re ready)
    • Warming your audience up
    • Content buckets that convert
    • Camera confidence
    • BONUS: Pricing your offers workshop

    …and many more

    PHASE 3: profit

    Lessons include:

    • Premium price sales process
    • Initiating + selling on sales conversations 
    • Following up with leads
    • Automating your marketing
    • Creating a conversion funnel
    • BONUS: 5 things you can do today to sign a client
    • BONUS: High Ticket Sales Queen (how to used consent-based selling in sales conversations)

    …and many more

    plus you also get...

    adriane propelle coaching calls

    Biweekly Group Coaching Calls

    6 months of 2x monthly coaching calls with Adriane

    These calls are where you’ll ask questions, experience major breakthroughs, and get actionable strategies as you scale to consistent 4+ figure months. Adriane makes sure everyone is heard, understands their next steps, and feels good about how to move forward.


    Guest Training Sessions

    One training + Q&A per month with a guest expert

    Adriane’s international network of brilliant biz besties will share their expertise on a variety of topics in these monthly strategy/Q+A Zoom sessions. Plus, get access to the previously recorded sessions and lifetime access to all future calls!


    Private Facebook Community

    Lifetime access to support from Adriane + your new biz besties

    Additional community support means you can always get the (almost) immediate answers you need & keep that momentum building between coaching calls. And this isn’t one of those communities where the head honcho engages about as often as the Pumpkin Spice latte rolls around. Nope – Adriane is here 5 days a week, sharing feedback & supporting you however she can. Plus, you can “meet up” with new biz besties and help keep each other accountable!


    Bonus Workshops & Trainings

     Additional resources available just for being in the community

    Get instant (and lifetime) access to:

    High Ticket Sales Queen: your complete training on how to conduct and close high ticket sales conversations by using consent-based selling… perfect for heart-centered biz owners who want to show up as a leader rather than a pushy salesperson.

    Fundamentals of Human Design: a 90 minute workshop that walks you through basic Human Design information, and what your energetic strategies and authorities are. No clue what this is? Prepared to be amazed… and then move forward in your business and life living in alignment with your unique energetic blueprint.

    Propelle™ Product Suite Training: this will be ready and waiting for you once you’ve started to make consistent sales and you want to really start thinking about time and financial freedom by adding a second offer, or even suite of offers, that help you stack your income more passively.

    🎉 First Purchaser BONUS 🎉

    One private coaching session (value: ~$1,500) • Available for the 1st 3 purchasers

    Typically reserved for business owners making $100k+, Adriane’s private coaching sessions are expansive, empowering, and designed to give you a kick in the pants to get you on track with your goals. 

    But for the first 3 purchasers of Profit Accelerator, you will receive one 1:1 private coaching session with Adriane to use to strategise your upcoming business plans or do deep mindset or manifestation work to increase your wealth mindset as a business owner. 

    🎉 Black Friday BONUS 🎉

    Impactful + Inspired Workshop (value: $222) • Available thru December 3

    Impactful + Inspired is a two-day experience where we will celebrate being an impactful business owner and get inspired for making 2022 our most joyful, profitable, and abundant year to date. 

    This will be a space to dream and vision with a supportive and like-minded community, where we tap into intuitive marketing, heart-centred authority, and creating an action plan inspired through a renewed wealth mindset.

    The Impactful + Inspired Workshop will take place on Monday, January 10 from 10am-4pm EST (with a lunch break in between) and Tuesday, January 11 from 12-2pm EST.


    If you do the work & show up to calls but don’t see a 5x return on your investment by the end of the 6 months, you can continue getting full support until you do.

    The A’s to your Q’s 

    How many hours per week will I need to put into Profit Accelerator?

    There is no set minimum or maximum. Once you join, you will have lifetime access to all of the video trainings, so you can take as long as you like to go through them.

    However, it is recommended to allocate as much time as you have the energetic capacity for to implement what is being taught and recommend on coaching calls. 

    Building a business doesn’t have to be hard, but if you’re not treating it like a job, how can you expect to get paid?

    How long will it take before I see results?

    There is no way to responsible way of even guesstimating this because every business – and every business owner – is different. 

    What will I get from Profit Accelerator that I can't do myself?

    You absolutely can Google University your way to every piece of content inside of Profit Accelerator (or any business program, regardless of what others might like for you to believe). And maybe you know that to be true, or you’ve been piecemealing every InstaExpert’s advice together.

    The question becomes: are you getting the result you want?

    If the answer is NO (or you don’t even want to waste time figuring that out), then Profit Accelerator can help.

    There’s immense value in doing something with someone who has had lots of success doing what you’re trying to do. As a lifelong entrepreneur with experience scaling BOTH brick-and-mortar and online businesses, and Adriane KNOWS, from the success of our clients, that this WORKS.

    The twice monthly coaching calls and the Facebook community are simply invaluable. You certainly can’t create those things for yourself, and THAT is absolutely where the value of Profit Accelerator shines.

    Wait, is this a 6 month program or lifetime access?

    Inside of Profit Accelerator, you get lifetime access to MOST things, the exception being access to coaching calls. Any video content, plus any future updates, is lifetime access, as is access to the Facebook community. But access to the 2x monthly coaching calls will stop after 6 months so that you are compelled to take imperfect action and get to work, as well as to ensure there aren’t more people than we are able to support on calls!

    Do you guarantee results?

    No. While we fully stand behind the coaching in this program and the methods taught, no two businesses are alike, and no two business owners are alike, so results will naturally vary (and that’s not a bad thing).

    But because we stand behind the systems and methodologies, we offer the Profit Accelerator Promise, which states that if you don’t see a 5x return on investment after showing up to the coaching calls and implementing the work, you can stay (beyond the 6 month coaching container) until you do.

    Do you offer refunds?

    No, not under any circumstance. When joining Profit Accelerator, you will need to sign a contract which will fully detail payment and program terms.

    But because we stand behind the systems and methodologies, we offer the Profit Accelerator Promise, which states that if you don’t see a 5x return on investment after showing up to the coaching calls and implementing the work, you can stay (beyond the 6 month coaching container) until you do.

    I'm still scared I won't make my money back ☹️

    Profit Accelerator is an investment, and it’s not right for everyone. But we can say with confidence that what you focus on will grow. And while we can’t guarantee results, here’s what we CAN guarantee if you show up and do the work:

    👉 You’ll be showing up for your business more consistently and strategically
    👉 You’ll get expert advice on how to grow your business in a way that is aligned to you
    👉 You’ll be in a supportive environment to grow and flourish!!

    The rest is up to you, friend!

    Profit Accelerator is the way forward to knowing what you’re doing in your business 

    If you want to get the clarity you need to grow your business into a fully-aligned, freedom-giving money maker, you should sign up for Profit Accelerator right now.

    Why keep waiting for the “right” moment when you can get the skills you need right now? 

    Invest in your future and start implementing Profit Accelerator in your business today!