impactful and inspired
impactful and inspired

Get ready to make 2022 your most joyful, profitable, and abundant year to date.

Impactful + Inspired is a quarterly 2-day live experience to celebrate being an impactful business owner and get inspired for the upcoming year

Live on Zoom • Replay will be made available

Monday, January 10 from 10am-4pm EST
Tuesday, January 11 from 12-2pm EST

Monday, March 28 from 10am-4pm EST
Tuesday, March 29 from 12-2pm EST

Dates TBD

Dates TBD

Individual session: $222
Or join for the full year: $777 or 9 monthly payments of $88

What’s inside of Impactful + Inspired?

Impactful + Inspired will be a space to dream and vision with a supportive and like-minded community, where we tap into intuitive marketing, heart-centred authority, and creating an action plan for 2022 inspired through a renewed wealth mindset.

We will dive into this expansive business planning workshop using the 4 R’s:



Rediscover the heart and soul of your mission so that you can approach the planning and goal-setting processes from a place of joy and energetic alignment that is connected to your WHY and creating more IMPACT.



Examine the aspects of your business to identify that which lights you up, that which no longer serves you, and that which is draining you so you can make a short- and long-term plans with joy-driven intentionality.



Discover what your business could look like if you were operating completely within your genius and focused on co-creating intuitively your lifestyle values to reclaim your big vision while using a step-by-step planning process.



Step into the unstoppable, wealthy, joyful entrepreneur that you are through focusing on what matters most while creating a plan on how to actually achieve your big vision with clarity around the steps to take aligned action on.